Monday, August 29, 2011

The Dream Team

I don't think I've told you the story about how I got these crazy chaps to join the Project Pawsitive team.

Let's go in order of the pictures. First, let's start with JB. I met JB in high school. Yes, a looonnnngggg time ago. Since then, we've kept in touch through mutual friends and I knew the kind of amazing work he had been doing with building multi-million dollar homes on the Seacoast. It was a no brainer for me to discuss my vision of renovating animal rescues in need. I brought him over to the first, potential renovation site. You can see a video here. And, it was history as 'they' say. Who are 'they' anyway. That's another blog post I guess.

From that day on JB has been working to pull together material lists, supply needs, renderings, ideas -- you name it. He also is the one who brought on Simon and Drew.

Simon, our master electrician, is an English bloke who used to be in the music industry in England. Transition to electricity in America? Not sure. Feel free to ask him at . Anyway, he loves animals and has a rescue dog of his own. Recently, when we went over to do a podcast at our latest renovation (the greyhound shelter) -- he even fixed a pretty serious electrical issue (can you say water near electrical outlet) without a bat of an eye.

Finally, Drew. He is a great guy. When I met him, he was working at Harley Davidson, but this guy really is a Jack of All Trades. He even designs his own celtic t-shirt line. Really cool person. You can see one of the songs he wrote for us too. Told you he was a Jack of All Trades.

Anyway, these guys are awesome. And, as soon as I raise the additional dollahs (that's a Boston accent rendition) -- they will be right there to get the renovation done! Can't wait.

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